About Us

I love all things paper and I love having a positive impact on people.  Coloring is therapeutic and good for the soul.  When adults color, it is pure therapy.  When adults color with children, it brings them together emotionally.  When children color, it brings them excitement and a feeling of accomplishment.  I love this about coloring - it can be so simple and pure to being very complex.  It is all beautiful.  I love that coloring gets us away from our electronic devices and helps us to just talk and communicate.  The joy of a child giving a picture that they colored to their parent or friend is priceless!

The planners and journals I create bring order and calm to chaos and uncertainty.  The greeting cards will bring joy, peace, and comfort to those who receive them. 

It is my hope that all the products that my daughter and I create will have a positive impact on you and the ones you buy for.

Thank you for browsing and purchasing from my very small business!